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    Summering in the High Meadows

    Have you ever wondered why the Swiss take their cows to the high meadow for the summer? I think it’s based on their penchant for resourcefulness.

    Think about it.

    When the cows are in the high meadow, they graze on free food so there is little cost for feed during these months.

    When the cows are in the high meadow, they are not grazing in the village. As a result grasses can grow, be harvested, and stored for winter feeding. There will surely be two and sometimes three cuttings during the summer months when the cows are away.

    Not only do the Swiss allow grass growth in pastures, grass grows everywhere. In places around chalets (that we would turn into lawns), along roads, even on rooftops. They maximize resources and save money at the same time.

    At harvest time, the entire family is involved. There’s the cutting, the raking, the bundling, and the transport to the barn for storage. Haymaking is hard work. But it reaps rich rewards.

    Plus, there is always a welcoming festival in the fall when the cows return from the high meadows. Who doesn’t love a festival?