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    The Feileadh Mor

    The kilt we know today did not exist before the early 1800’s. Prior to that time, men wore a feileadh mor (pronounced filla more), sometimes called a plaid. The feileadh mor is also referred to as the great kilt in contrast to the small kilt we have today.

    The feileadh mor was a flat piece of fabric approximately 16′ by 5′. The process of  laying out the cloth, folding it into pleats, wrapping it around the body, and holding it in place by a thick leather belt took about 10 minutes.

    The feileadh mor could be styled in many different ways. And could be used for different purposes (day wear, evening wear, raincoat, sleeping bag).  A most versatile garment!

    Made from wool using natural dyes produced fabric of muted earth tones.  There was no clan association related to the feileadh mor.  An essential and treasured possession, the feileadh mor was handed down from one to another.

    In contrast, the brightly colored, clan associated, stitched pleated kilt we now know was largely the brainchild of Sir Walter Scott, a master marketer who created an icon that is quintessential Scotland. That is a story for another day.