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    Swiss Bird Symphony

    Can a Swiss day start without the sound of birds? I think not. They awake long before we do and call us to a new day. There is much busyness early in the day in the bird world.

    Listening to the birds one hears a symphony of sound. Each bird singing its special notes. Contributing to the piece. Different octaves. Different rhythms. Different themes.

    Listen. Amid the symphony it is possible to hear the music of just two birds. Separated from the whole, it is as if they are having a conversation of great importance. This one calls. That one responds. This one calls again. That one responds again. Always the same notes. Always the same message.

    Is it that these two birds do not understand each other? Or do they repeat their song for the enjoyment the sound brings? Dedicated polishing of perfection.

    It is their daily gift to us.

    Did the birds learn their art from the long ago people who lived in these mountains and yodeled to each other across the high meadows?

    Not likely.

    The people learned it from the birds.

    Janet S. Dieman, Copyright 2008