Thanks for stopping by to share thoughts and photos from my travels. May your visits enlarge your world with new ideas and images. But, be warned! I hope to infect you with the travel bug so you, too, can venture out and gather treasured memories of your own. 

  • Thoughts About Travel

    Through the Eyes of a Child

    Even a child is struck to stillness by the imposing majesty of the Swiss Alps.




    Once imprinted in memory, this image is forever part of your life.

    You can memory travel to this spot any time,

    any day

    and feel the impact of this vista.

    Travel gives us these breathtaking moments to enrich our lives; to lure us to travel further, experience more, grow, learn, understand, connect with people, places, events. This intangible force captures all who venture out.

    Post a note below and tell us your favorite place to memory travel.