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    Copycat Fog

    Day two in the mountains. Up early again to witness the opening of a new day. This day not unlike the first.

    Today’s fog is in training. Hoping to replace the fog from yesterday. There is much still to learn.

    The fog from above is heavy but not as determined as yesterday. It is not possible to see the ridge of yonder mountains, but the fog reveals a heavy shadow. We know it is hiding something. Its density inconsistent.

    The fog from below is so light we do not worry it will embrace our balcony and send us inside. It gives little assistance to the fog from above.

    Hundreds of shades of gray fill the sky. Where the fog is thick, the grey is dark and impenetrable to sight. In other places, the veil of fog is thin and reveals myriad shades of intertwining grey.

    The sky struggles with the fog. Patches of blue begin to appear. Some so light we wonder it they are yet another shade of grey. A very few deep blue. The sky demands to be seen. The fog struggles to cover the sky.

    The wind helps the sky. Together they push the fog, breaking its hold on the morning.

    The birds cheer the wind with ever-staccato song.

    Another day awakens.

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