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I create media-rich interactive travel ebooks for children. Each book is written in the first person from the perspective of the child telling the story. These books can be enjoyed by children as the sharing of an adventure with a peer. In addition, the books can be read to learn about another country and/or to prepare for a trip to that country. Many will be helpful additions to school projects. In addition to the series of travel with kids books, there is a book written especially for adults that includes tales of travels spanning a period of thirty years and three generations. May the reading of these books excite your desire to travel and learn!

Interactive ebooks offer the reader multiple pathways through the content. Imbedded in the text are extended galleries of full screen, full color photos, plus video clips, slideshows, and pop-up blocks with related information. The tap of a finger triggers the media. You’re right there doing, seeing, and hearing everything. Within the book, the reader can look up a new word in the dictionary, highlight a passage for future reference, take notes to create study cards, email information to a friend, and topically search the book and the Internet. How the book is read depends on the interest of the reader




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Foster Goes To Scotland  •  Ages 7-10

Logan Goes To Scotland  •  Ages 9-12




Foster & Logan Go To Holland  •  Ages 9-12

Foster & Logan Go To Germany  •  Ages 9-12

Foster & Logan Go To Switzerland  •  Ages 9-12

Remember When…Reflections from The Grammy Who Travels with Kids  •  Adult

Boomer Guide to Intergenerational Travel  •  Adult