Grammy Takes Foster to Switzerland

Grammy Take Foster to Switzerland


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In this lavishly illustrated, multimedia, sight & sound ebook, seven-year-old Foster invites you to come along with him on a two-week romp through the mountains and valleys of the magnificent Swiss alps. He’ll show you some of the favorite places from his first trip (when he was three), then take you along to share in his new adventures.
So pack your bag, put on your travel shoes and prepare to

• Fly across the Atlantic to Zürich
• Take a room-by-room tour of a Swiss chalet, and watch the Alpen glow from its balcony
• Ride on trains, funiculars, cog railways, paddlewheel boats, buses, cablecars, gondolas, and even a dog sled on Europe’s longest glacier
• Watch fearless hang gliders and paragliders take off, soar through the air, and land
• Admire frozen sculptures in an ice palace
• Witness cows noisily parading in the high meadows
• Follow the intricate process of cheesemaking
• Marvel at plunging waterfalls
• Learn the rules of the road and drive a miniature car
• Say thank you in German, French and Italian
• Hike along lakes and through forests while searching for marmots and trolls
• Time travel in an outdoor museum with centuries-old homes, hand tools you can use, fragrant vegetable and herb gardens, and farm animals you can pet

All these are brought to life with over 200 pictures embedded in slideshows and photo galleries that you control, plus video clips that respond to your tap and engage your ears with the sounds of cowbells, bus horns, and steam engines.

Thanks to digital technology, Grammy Takes Foster to Switzerland is the next best thing to actually being there. And when you do go, you’ll wish that Foster were at your side.