Grammy Takes Logan to Switzerland

Grammy Takes Logan to Switzerland



If you’ve ever considered traveling with toddlers, and concluded they’re too young to benefit from an international trip, think again.

Open Grammy Takes Logan to Switzerland and join three-year-old Logan as he describes his adventures.

• He experiences five forms of transportation (a subject that fascinates most young travelers).
• He learns four icons that are associated with Switzerland.
• He takes you to a folk festival, shows you the ins and outs of paragliding, samples great playground equipment, and shares incredible landscapes while hiking in the high meadows of the Swiss Oberland.

Along the way, you ride a bus through the mountains, marvel at waterfalls, stomp your feet to local music, take part in a parade of cows, and watch a paraglider don his gear, launch into space, and float to the valley below…all through vivid video clips you activate with a tap of a finger.

If you’ve never heard the distinctive horn of a Swiss postal bus as it enters a blind curve, well, you can’t leave this book without humming its quintessential melody.

Then there’s the magical tinkling of cowbells that echo up and down the hillsides.

In the process of experiencing Grammy Takes Logan to Switzerland, a pre-reader child develops a sight vocabulary of eight words that are anchored in self-correcting, fun games at the end of the book.

You’ll feel like you’ve been to Switzerland when you share this picture book with your child. And, you just might decide to plan a trip of your own!