Hadrian’s Wall – If the Shoe Fits…

Of the many Roman walls found in Britain, Hadrian’s Wall is the best known. It’s history, however, it far to complex to cover in a One-Minute Vacation.

But we did learn about one find that surprised and delighted archeologists.

It was shoes.

The fort at Vindolanda was abandoned around 212. People took everything they could carry when they left. The rest was tossed into the defensive ditches that surrounded the fort. The ditches were quickly sealed and lay dormant. A new town was built on the site – a cycle that repeats over and over again through the ages.

Because of the nature of the soil and the now oxygen-free environment, the discarded rubbish was preserved undisturbed for centuries until it was unearthed in 2016. Refuse from one culture becomes treasure to another.

The Vindolanda Fort yielded 421 shoes, more than any other site in the Roman Empire. More important than the quantity was their condition. The cache included footwear for babies, children, teens, ladies, men. There were indoor shoes, outdoor shoes, boots, clogs. The variety was amazing.

An archeologist doesn’t see them as just something to put on your feet. No, these items represent a time capsule of life during Roman times. They tell stories about fashion, affluence, craftsmanship, tooling, lifestyle and much more.

You really MUST see them. They are on display at the Vindolanda museum.

Even better, put on your best hiking shoes and walk the entire length of the wall (73 miles). You can do it in six days and you’ll pass by Vindolanda along the way. Most people walk from west to east. Just remember to pack your umbrella!

Take a look: https://bit.ly/2IrgpZ3

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