Intergenerational Travel – Mixed Families

We’ve explored the pros and cons of full family, single family, and skipped generation travel. What else is there?

Mixed family travel, of course!

Mixed family travel is a variant of skipped generation travel.

Mixed family travel assumes you embrace the idea of skipped generation travel (which means grandparents and grandchildren travel together without parents), and you prefer to travel with two grandchildren rather than one.

A mixed family trip includes one grandchild from each of two different families.

Why would you mix?

• You have a child who has only one child.
• You have a child with more than one child but the siblings are not compatible with one another.
• You have children who are geographically separated, and want cousins to know each other better.
• You have grandchildren with summer commitments that conflict with your travel plans.
• You have grandchildren who share a special interest in the country you plan to visit.

When you mix families, take into account the age and gender of the children. Is it better to have two children the same age or two very different ages? Two girls? Two boys? Or a boy and a girl? The personalities of the grandchildren and your relationship with each will guide your choice.

But remember. The expectation is that all grandchildren will have an opportunity to experience a special trip with their grandparents.

How many grandchildren do you have?

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