Intergenerational Travel – One Family At a Time

Last month we highlighted the issues that might foil the bonding and memories envisioned by a full family gathering. That doesn’t mean intergenerational travel should be abandoned. Just modified.

When that once-in-a-lifetime family travel bug bites, consider traveling with one child, spouse and grandchildren at a time. True, you miss the bonding between families, but this plan will likely produce deeper, longer lasting, more positive memories along with unforgettable AHA and “remember when” moments.

Strengthening the link between generations is your gift and your reward.

Your intergenerational trip now benefits from;

• fewer scheduling complications
• fewer family dynamic clashes
• a more manageable range of ages and interests
• a comfortable, established daily schedule
• fewer folks involved in decision-making
• lower costWhich means more time available to explore, experience, and enjoy the sights and activities unique to your destination.

With three generations under one roof, the adult/child ratio increases. Adults are guaranteed off-duty time while children soak up targeted, undivided attention, something every child secretly craves. Is this win/win or what?

As parents scoot out for some time off, grandparents and grandchildren experience a completely different relationship. Hum.

Stay tuned for more thoughts.

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