Intergenerational Travel – SOLO plus One

We’ve been exploring a variety of family travel options and considering the pros and cons of each. There is yet another possibility to consider.

Intergenerational travel with one adult and one child.

Traveling alone with a grandchild is a serious commitment.

When you travel without another adult, every aspect of the trip is your responsibility.

In addition to the physical safety of your grandchild, you must

• make all decisions about how to plan and execute activities each day
• what to do and see
• how to get there
• how much time to spend
• how to vary the day to include learning activities and physical outlets
• deal with illness or injury
• deal with Plan B options brought on by weather, transit strikes, event cancellations and other unwelcome surprises

It’s all up to you. You have no one to talk with. No one to provide other ideas. No one to relieve you for a much needed break. There is no time just for you.

On the other hand, you and your grandchild have only each other to be with, to depend on, and to share experiences with.

You enjoy complete bonding and memory making that is not shared with anyone else.

You and your grandchild write chapters in a memory book that only the two of you can read. The experience is your secret hoard of lifetime treasure.

And you feel the “we did it!” award at the end of the trip.

Is intergenerational travel with one adult possible?


Have I done it?


Is it a challenge?


Would I do it again?


But I prefer to travel with two adults.

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