Intergenerational Travel – The Gang’s All Here!

Have you dreamed of getting the entire family together for a once-in-a-lifetime trip? A brilliant idea, all the kids, spouses, grandchildren under one roof for a rich, shared time. A big beach house. Or a rustic cabin in the woods. Magical.

The biggest problem is coordinating schedules. Once (if) that is accomplished, researching options for location and housing comes next. That done, the plan begins to take shape.

Sometimes, however, the magic fades on arrival. Consider the issues;

• family dynamics (we all have them) of the nuclear family
• family dynamics of each attending family
• age ranges/interests of grandchildren
• diverse daily schedules/routines
• dietary considerations
• group decision-making
• cost

Will this trip build the bonding and memories you envision? Or will the event morph into a bad dream?

In the following posts, we’ll explore alternative ideas for intergenerational travel that increase the likelihood of joy unbounded, rapture divine. Well, almost!

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