Logan Goes To China

Logan Goes to China


Independent Book Publishers Association

2014 award

for innovation in electronic book publishing

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to travel to another country where everything is different, not at all like home?

Logan invites you to come along with him to China––as he rides in a rickshaw, learns about Kung Fu, tastes exotic teas, explores the Forbidden City, climbs the Great Wall, and meets the Terra Cotta Warriors.

He describes a dumpling banquet, and a hole-in-the-floor toilet. He shares the experience of an herbal foot massage, sits on an emperor’s throne, and describes how to approach and meet Chinese people (and water buffalo). He takes you to mega cities, rural farms, and the top of the Pearl TV Tower. You learn how to make and eat noodles, bargain before buying, and how to cross a street while dodging “pinball” traffic. (It’s not as easy as you think!)

Logan Goes to China is the story of his trip in his words. You’ll be amazed. And surprised. And feel like you’ve been to China, too.