Memory Challenge

When you return to the train station after a day at work, your challenge is to remember where you parked your bicycle. Without it, you will have a long walk home.

Of the top ten countries with the largest number of bikes per capita, the Netherlands ranks number seven. There are single rider bikes. Bikes with seats front and back to accommodate a family of three. Delivery bikes, sometimes modified for two children. Folding bikes that can be taken into the office and tucked under the desk.

In Amsterdam there are more bikes than residents. And that’s not the only problem. Of the estimated 881,000 bikes in Amsterdam, between 12,000 and 15,000 are fished out of her 165 canals each year.

Managing bike traffic in Amsterdam is as important as managing vehicle traffic. And, perhaps, more dangerous to walkers. Especially tourists who are not familiar with separate bike traffic lanes that respond to traffic signals different from those for cars and trucks.

Crossing the street is hazardous. How can one look so many directions at the same time?

WATCH OUT! Here comes another bike.

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