The Feileadh Mor Raincoat

The centuries old feileadh mor was a versatile, utilitarian garment. Here it is worn as protection against wind and rain.

After the wool was shorn, spun, dyed, and woven, it was taken to the loch where it soaked in water then dried in the sun. This process caused the wool to shrink and tighten so it became waterproof, an essential feature for clothing in a climate of persistent harsh wind and driving rain.

When needed, the feileadh mor can be fashioned with a hood. The outer flap of the fabric is pulled up to cover the back of the head. The hood is held in place by tying the ends (now folded over in the front of the body) of the feileadh mor together and looping them over the neck.

Hood in place.

Hands free to work.

Carry on.

The rain hood was a practical and stylish adaptation of this multipurpose garment.

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