Scotland – Theme for the Year

Join me in Scotland!

January begins a new year and a new theme for the newsletter.

In 2017 my daughter and I enjoyed 4+ weeks in Scotland. Enriching weeks fusing experiences, happenings, impressions, connections, and learnings.

Envision each 2018 newsletter as a diary entry from that trip. But, not a typical diary entry. Instead I’ll highlight things about Scotland you likely don’t know. If you’re expecting bagpipes, kilts, lochs, and haggis, you won’t find them here. What you will find might amaze you.

Scotland is slightly smaller than South Carolina with a population just over five million people.

Imagine an area that small existing as an independent country. And supporting all the infrastructure necessary to function. Highways, electricity, water, sanitation, healthcare, education, food, maintenance of historical sites etc. Innovation is essential.

But that’s not all. Edinburgh ranks second as the best city globally (according to a Deutsche Bank quality of life survey). And Scotland claims nine billionaires. Not bad for a small country with a limited population base.

Scotland is rich in history. Its physical formation can be traced back some sixty million years. With land masses established, historical and cultural seeds could slowly take root. To date, the earliest human setting dates from the Mesolithic period some nine thousand years ago. But tomorrow, or next month new discoveries could stretch back even farther. Our past reveals itself ever so slowly.

Enjoy your year of Scottish discoveries.

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