Total Immersion Learning

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  1. R. Douglas McRae says:

    Having travelled many times with school children, I agree fully with you and appreciate the richness you are bringing to your grandchildren’s lives. I’m aware of the same benefits as an adult when I travel, but I see the effect most in Marlys. I have enjoyed watching her world expand through the experiences we have had on our travels together. I must say, also, that I am in awe of your energetic writing career!
    Doug McRae

    • jdieman says:

      So great to hear from you. I’ve been meaning to respond to your recent email but am swamped. I typically write from 2am – 6am in addition to several hours later in the day. I’m LOVING this new venture probably because, like travel, I’m learning so much. I’m thrilled to be able to write books that include so much more than words and pictures. My hope is my books will be a vicarious experience for those who are not able to travel. I keep getting more ideas with each new project. This format of communication, though in its infancy, it not unlike the second Gutenberg revolution. I’ll be completing book three soon and may take a short break to catch up on other things. Next up is Scotland. Actually, can’t wait to start this book (which may turn into two books there is so much to share). Thanks so much for your encouraging support. Best to you and Marlys.

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